Bettye Muller
our inspiration
The ancient Greeks immediately recognized the magical powers of the element Mercury. It is a liquid metal with unique chemical properties that have fascinated scientists for millennia. These attributes inspired the creation of the Messenger God, whom the Greeks named Hermes and the Romans called Mercury. Then of course came a whole slew of “Mercuries”, one more powerful than the next.

But let’s get back to the Messenger God. Mercury is a guy that gets things done. He prepares and delivers critical messages that impact the fate of both Gods and Mortals. He is the patron saint of commerce, and lends his name to the word "mercantilism." His day is Wednesday, the middle of the work week, which the Romans called "Mercurii dies," and which can still be seen in the French "Mercredi" and the Spanish "Miercoles." Mercury is synonymous with speed and the power of information.

The element Mercury is both powerful and mysterious. It was a key element in the refining of gold and silver, and it is used today in dozens of vital electronic and manufacturing applications. Its Latin name is hydrargyrum, from which it gets its symbol Hg.

Its common name is quickSilver. And that, friends, is why we chose the name.