Bettye Muller
Laser Performance
There’s a cult of sailors out there. You might catch them cutting out of work a few hours early. Driving to the nearest lake, inlet or beach. Pulling their boat off the roof. And tearing into the nastiest, snottiest conditions they can find. It’s a love affair that’s been around for years; it was our job to remind the cult how much they adored this sailing life. That’s when we came up with one sick idea: A sailing Sick Day. Our conception of the joy of playing hooky first made it into some print ads for our client Laser Performance. And then the folks at Sailing World magazine got wind of it, and the idea exploded. In September of 2010, the entire sailing community took a communal day off, sponsored by Sailing World and Laser. Since then, Sick Day has been repeated several times, reminding folks how much fun sailing can be. And winning Laser Performance a place in the heart of sailing fanatics around the world.