10.31.08 Bad Cruise

Just in time for Halloween: Nightmare on Broad Street. Carnival Cruise Lines recently launched a new ad campaign, “Fun for All, All for Fun,” positioning the brand as the most festive cruise line in the world. To prove it, last Monday, Carnival’s promotions guys rolled the “World’s Largest Beach Ball” through the streets of Dallas. […]

6.3.08 Hamilton’s House

Alexander Hamilton has been dead for over 200 years, but he’s still on the move. He was born on Nevis as the bastard son of a Scottish laird, who abandoned the family. Denied entry to the Church of England academy, he attended a Jewish school. His mother died when he was 13, leaving him an […]

6.6.08 Political Pundits

Keith Olbermann owes about $2000 in back-taxes to New York State. A small point, but one which might impact who becomes the next President of the United States. For several years, the highest rated program in cable news, “The O’Reilly Factor,” has been a staunch defender of the Bush agenda. Its host, Bill O’Reilly, has […]

5.23.08 Running From Justice

Ripped from the headlines, this is the story of an undercover narcotics agent. The agent was tasked by the U.S. Government to help bust a drug ring involving several high-profile celebrity users. The agent secretly recorded phone calls and provided other evidence to the authorities, including evidence implicating his own friends and associates. Yesterday, the […]