12.04.09 I’m Dreaming of a Live Christmas

This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Norway Spruce from Easton CT.  It stands 76 feet tall and weighs 10 tons.  That’s big, and it’s certainly beautiful.  But some of you may be asking:  how much environmental benefit was lost in bringing THAT thing to Manhattan? Funny you should ask.  It is estimated that […]

11.20.09 Squashed

It’s the great pumpkin shortage, Charlie Brown! The town of Morton, Illinois is without question the pumpkin capital of the world.  Morton grows more pumpkins than any other place in the world.  Each September, the local Chamber of Commerce proudly rolls out the Morton pumpkin festival, which draws approximately 60,000 visitors.  This year’s event featured […]

11.06.09 Title Gluttony

When the Yankees won the title on Wednesday night, their fans said (with barely a straight face), “Whoa, we’ve had to wait almost a DECADE for this.”  Meanwhile, every other baseball fan said (with a sour face), “The Yankees, again?”  To truly understand this dynamic, let’s look at some history, and do some math. The […]