12.16.16 Revolutionary Trenton

Things have gotten really bad in Trenton NJ.  With taxes skyrocketing and the government ignoring the people’s demands, citizens have finally taken up arms. One group is amassed on the Pennington Road, threatening the town. Another is moving up State Street into the city center. The bridge over Assunpink Creek has been blocked with vehicles, choking […]

11.4.16 Names to Blame

OK, OK!, OKAYYYY!  Relax…breathe…it’s almost over… But before the torment ends next Tuesday, let’s circle back to where we started and see how well our political prognostications held up.  Back in January, we played “What’s in a Name?” with the leading political candidates. Let’s see how well we did. First, here’s what we deduced about […]

10.28.16 Castle of Horrors

Deep within the City of Brotherly Love stands a castle of historic horrors. If you had lived in Philadelphia in the 1800’s, you would have feared this place. As you approached it, its 30-foot-high fieldstone walls would have scared you silly. Once you passed through the narrow entrance, the iron gates would have clanged shut behind you, […]

9.30.16 Ringing Freedom

This was a long time coming. In 1776, the First Baptist Church was established in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was led by Gowan Pamphlet, a slave owned by the proprietor of the King’s Arm Tavern, who had learned to read and write and who had served many famous travelers including George Washington. Since the entire congregation […]

9.9.16 Three to the Bar

(If you’re like me, you may be looking at your credit card statement this month and wondering how your college kids bought all that stuff so quickly…) Let’s go back to 1948. At Drexel University, two graduate students named Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland overheard their dean talking to a visitor who owned a local […]

8.19.16 Colorful Communications Contortions

Ah, late August. It’s that time again: are you ready for some football? No, not THAT football, English football! The Premiere League is underway, which means we get to look forward to 38 glorious rounds of matches stretching from now until next May. But here’s the best part. There’s this guy named Barney Ronay. He’s […]