4.6.07 Presidential Prognostication

It will be Edwards versus Huckabee 500 days from now.  Forget political correctness, it’s statistical. First, the problems with the Democrats.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is female.  Which means it is statistically impossible for her to be president.  Barack Obama is half black, which immediately cuts his chances to 50%.  Furthermore, if elected, he would be […]

3.30.07 Echoes of the Past

In our first capital, the sins of the nation’s past are being brought to light. When George Washington moved to Philadelphia in 1780, he brought 9 personal servants.  The President’s house at the corner of 6th and Market had numerous outbuildings, including one referred to as “servants’ quarters.”  Later, the grounds were home to John […]

2.9.07 Game On

This morning we’re talking modern media and retro gizmos. On a trip to the local Toys R Us, we witnessed the awesome, random power of the Internet.  Seems there’s been a run on the Rubik’s Cube, the venerable brain-game of the 70’s.  No one can keep the things in stock.  The Cube was featured in […]