2.9.07 Game On

This morning we’re talking modern media and retro gizmos. On a trip to the local Toys R Us, we witnessed the awesome, random power of the Internet.  Seems there’s been a run on the Rubik’s Cube, the venerable brain-game of the 70’s.  No one can keep the things in stock.  The Cube was featured in […]

1.26.07 In The Blood

Oprah ain’t no Zulu! But first, a short digression.  When Arthur Haley’s Roots aired in 1976, it became one of the most highly watched programs of all time.  Nearly half of all TVs in America were tuned in to the final installment.  It single-handedly invented the mini-series genre and caused an explosion in genealogy.  However, […]


This irresponsible behavior has got to stop. Last week in Manhattan, a Navy veteran named Wesley Autrey leapt right in front of the Number 1 train, while his two daughters watched in horror.  The train screeched to a halt, but not before five cars had passed over his body.  Miraculously, he survived in the one-foot […]