6.14.13 Woodward Waves

This is a story of survival. In 1755, the British colonies in North America were called to fight on behalf of the Empire.  About that time – or maybe even earlier – someone used a small loom to handweave a humble piece of cloth, measuring 31 by 34 inches.  They used whatever dyes were locally […]

1.18.13 InAllGuration

Consider this:  on Martin Luther King Day, an African-American will be sworn in for a second term as President of the United States.  Pretty impressive.  But, in a larger sense, it is just one moment in a tradition of presidential precedent stretching back 224 years. So before the next chapter begins, herewith a short history […]

1.20.12 Unsavory in Sonoma

Thomas Wolfe famously explained, “you can’t go home again.” Mitt Romney infamously said, “corporations are people, my friend.” Put them together, and you get, “corporations can’t go home again.” The small town of Sonoma, California, has been home to lots of different folks for a pretty long time. The Miwok and Pomo tribes were here […]

7.8.11 History is History

Don’t know much about History!  OMG!! A lot of people were concerned when the “National Report Card” was released last week by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  It revealed that, across the country, our worst subject by far is History.  Just 20 percent of fourth-graders, 17 percent of eighth-graders and a depressing 12 percent […]

3.11.11 Ex-Pats

Here’s a little serving of mashed history. The Andes were not made for farming.  It’s cold and rainy, and the soil is rocky and thin.  But when the first humans arrived here, they found a hardy little plant with edible roots, which they called patatas.  Thanks to this amazing food source, the Incas were able […]