11.28.14 The Black Offer

(What self-respecting marketing guy could resist? And so, in the spirit of the season…) Announcing an email-busting BLACK FRIDAY offer exclusively from quickSilver! Act NOW to receive a COMPLIMENTARY* integrated marketing campaign for your brand or product!! Including: Mind-bendingly well-reasoned strategic recommendation Development of epic brand platform Multi-million dollar integrated media buy Production of all […]

1.20.12 Unsavory in Sonoma

Thomas Wolfe famously explained, “you can’t go home again.” Mitt Romney infamously said, “corporations are people, my friend.” Put them together, and you get, “corporations can’t go home again.” The small town of Sonoma, California, has been home to lots of different folks for a pretty long time. The Miwok and Pomo tribes were here […]

4.3.09 Fool’s Gold

More and more, foolishness is becoming part of the marketing mix. On April 1, 1996, Taco Bell announced that they had purchased the Liberty Bell and renamed it Taco Liberty Bell.  Hundreds of outraged calls poured in to National Historic Park before the truth was revealed.  The stunt merited comment in the day’s White House […]

10.31.08 Bad Cruise

Just in time for Halloween: Nightmare on Broad Street. Carnival Cruise Lines recently launched a new ad campaign, “Fun for All, All for Fun,” positioning the brand as the most festive cruise line in the world. To prove it, last Monday, Carnival’s promotions guys rolled the “World’s Largest Beach Ball” through the streets of Dallas. […]