9.11.15 Ships, Skyscrapers, and Strength

This is what we know about this mysterious artifact. It was part of a ship. The timbers of the ship were made of white oak, and examination of the wood’s rings suggest that the timbers were harvested sometime around 1773, from somewhere near Philadelphia. The ship also contained some hickory, which grew only in eastern […]

3.20.14 Worst winter ever? Word.

Hey, guess what? It’s the first day of Spring, and it’s snowing! No surprise, it’s been snowing forever. It started on November 13, when a lake-effect storm surprised western New York with over four feet of snow; the small town of Bennington got 88 inches of the white stuff. Nicknamed winter storm “Knife” for the […]

12.20.13 General Loser

Make no mistake. General George Washington was, quite literally, a loser. By the end of 1776, anybody with a brain would have concluded that the Continental Congress had chosen the wrong guy. Consider this: in July of that year, Washington allowed the British to land on Staten Island, completely unopposed, and set up their base […]