Bettye Muller
Zimmer Orthopedics
Let’s say you are a global conglomerate that makes and sells highly technical, highly regulated orthopedic implants to customers worldwide. How do you communicate your corporate vision with tens of thousands of your employees, who speak a dozen different languages, and who are scattered around the globe? Well, if you are Zimmer, you turn to us. We developed and produced a monthly global newsletter – published digitally in 12 languages – that keeps everyone apprised of the company’s latest challenges and victories. We produced topical videos, customer testimonials and executive interviews that celebrate the company’s initiatives across its many locations. And we developed product collateral that details the many benefits of the company’s cutting-edge products. In a complex, ever-changing market, we’re glad to say we’ve helped Zimmer stay sharply focused on what they do best: making life better for their customers.