12.30.10 New Year’s in Dixie

OK, we admit it, we’re northerners at heart. In a discussion of who is cooler – Nathan Bedford Forrest or Winfield Scott Hancock? – Hancock wins every time.  Sure, they were both resourceful in a pinch.  Forrest captured Fort Pillow almost singlehandedly.  And Hancock pretty much saved the Union at Gettysburg.  (You can look it […]

12.23.10 Cold Christmas

Christmas.  When all thoughts turn to South American polo players, bathing beauties, Xavier Cugat and mistaken identities. How’s that?  Here’s how:  It starts with all-American beauty Esther Williams and Latin lover Ricardo Montalban.  In the 1940’s Hollywood paired them in series of madcap musicals in which she would sing and swim in tight bathing suits, […]

12.10.10 CPO Feller

Consider every pampered, arrogant, ungrateful professional athlete you know.  And then there’s this guy. He joined the Cleveland Indians in 1936 for the bargain price of $1.  He immediately proved himself to be one of the hardest-throwing and effective pitchers in the game.  In his first season, at the age of 17, he struck out […]

8.27.10 Fat Cats and Bureaucrats

Here’s what happens when folks in charge of education can’t answer simple questions correctly. Since taking office in January, New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has been in a highly visible, very personal battle with the teacher’s union, the NJEA. Christie slashed the education budget and then demonized teachers as overpaid bureaucrats.  NJEA officials fired back, […]

6.4.10 Slippery Logic

Presenting some seriously slippery summer syllogistics. Children are more pliable, more flexible, more resilient and more durable than adults.  It’s official.  Not because the AMA says so.  It wasn’t proven by some decades-long research study conducted by orthopedists.  And you won’t see it on any life insurance mortality actuarial tables.  Nope, you’ll see it later […]