12.27.13 Crossing Over

Ask any American, “Why did Washington cross the Delaware, and why does it matter?” and you’ll be met, most likely, with silence. But on Christmas Day, 1776, crossing the Delaware was the difference between victory and death for the American Revolution. Having been chased out of New York and New Jersey by the British, and […]

12.20.13 General Loser

Make no mistake. General George Washington was, quite literally, a loser. By the end of 1776, anybody with a brain would have concluded that the Continental Congress had chosen the wrong guy. Consider this: in July of that year, Washington allowed the British to land on Staten Island, completely unopposed, and set up their base […]

11.22.13 The Point of the Shoot

We know, we get it, it’s all about YOU. A lot has been written about the cohort of kids born roughly between 1980 and 2000, who were first dubbed “Echo Boomers,” then “Millennials,” and now are commonly known as “Generation Y.” As the first generation to grow up empowered with social media, they have demonstrated […]